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Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Book Meme from Mompriest

I've been tagged by Mompriest to play this meme. And, regardless of how tired and achy I am...despite how much valentines celebrating I have planned...I am going to spend a minute playing!

Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more.
Bear me Safely Over by Sheri Joseph ( which I don't think I've actually read, but was the nearest book!)

Find Page 123.
Talks about Dan Fosters stepson. Something to do with a rest stop. 

Find the first 5 sentences. Ok....

Post the next three sentences.
"You're in the mood," she said. He backed her into the corner of the stall, hands pushing under her shirt where she was slicked with sweat.

"I missed you last night is all," she said.

Innocence by Olga Broumas

...for BL

Innocence by Olga Broumas

... the sound of one hand clapping


Manita's the Queen. Love and Love
lying by her, one
on each side. I
am the Jester, the
smallest one, I roll
round the bed at Manita's feet, the floor
tangled with cast-off garments. I flick my sharp
tongue at Love. I adore
the Queen
at the foot of the bed, each hand so deep
in Love's collapsible caves. Manita kneeling
in the midst of Love.
Manita talking
with God.


Manita talking with God. God

among us, elusive, the extra
hand none of us - Love, Love, Jester, Queen -
can quite locate, fix, or escape. Extra
hand, extra
pleasure. A hand
with the glide of a tongue, a hand
precise as an eyelid, a hand with a sense
of smell, a hand that will dance
to its liquid moan.
God's hand

Loose on the four of us like a wind
on the grassy hills of the South.


I take my Love to Manita. Swift-boned, green-
eyed, dressed in her dark skin and hair, I take my Love
on fire. Manita moans.
Manita's hands

delicate as insects, agile
as fish, cool as the shifting water, the night-
quiet lake. I take my Love to her hands on
fire. She takes my Love.


She takes my Love to her passions, sweet
bruises on her dark skin, her nipples
sucked up like pears, the small
hand of God
itself again, wind
on Manita's hair. Neither
Love moves. Queen and the Jester the
merging shadows on wall and ceiling, the candle thick
as a young tree, bright
with green fire.
Manita's Love

opens herself to me, my sharp
Jester's tongue, my
cartwheels of pleasure. The Queen's own pearl
at my fingertips, and Manita pealing

my Jester's bells on our four
small steeples, as Sunday downs
clear in February, and God claps and claps
her one hand.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No Cabs

Illustration: Yellow taxi parked in front of the shopping mecca, Bloomingdales.

I've been working in Brooklyn for a year now after an adult lifetime a living and working in Manhattan. 
In Manhattan, if you are tired or have a lot of packages to carry or are in a hurry-no forget that-you can flag a cab. This involves standing in the street with your hand out or if the taxi you see is off-duty, you can try to put your hand out with your fingers slightly apart, indicating a few inches, and try to convince them to stop.
I've noticed that there are no cabs in Brooklyn. There are car services and you have to call them. They're twice as expensive as taxis which amounts to about to 30 (including tip) to my home from work. I know this because I took one last week when I was just too tired to take the subway home.
Thank God for the yellow cab.