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Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Five Baby Showers

Jan posted this FF:
Friends are giving my daughter-in-law AA a baby shower, which happily brought her and DC down for a visit to Corpus Christi. looking forward to having my first grandchild in two months and all these preparations, like baby showers, are getting me excited! So I hope you'll participate in telling about your likes and dislikes about baby showers for you and for others.

1. What were baby showers like for you and your friends in the past?
I'm from the generation of lesbians that didn't have babies so much. Now our younger friends and some of our generation are having them by AI and adoption. So, not so much in the past. And all of my family lived far away.

2. Did you play games? What kinds?
I recently had two baby showers in the office. Both genders invited, Gifts, food, no games.

3. In your job, especially if you are a pastor, do you get invited to a lot of baby showers? What do you do about them?
Not a pastor, a counselor. We're not allowed to attended personal events. It's against our code of ethics.

4. Are baby showers different for our daughters (or younger friends) than they were for us?
Based on the two I helped organize-I was the minor organizer-get money! The lack of games seemed to be a major difference.

5. Do you like hosting baby showers or do you avoid that responsibility?
I would avoid the responsibility at all costs.

If I did have a baby shower I would get the cake above. Or maybe I'll get it for my next birthday!