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Saturday, June 12, 2010

It doesn't rain but it pours

Is there a degree required to become an elected official? From now on, I want to see CV's posted online and grades instead of all the usual bs and mudslinging that we usually get when election time rolls around.

I left work a little early yesterday as I had been up all night the night before with visions of tiles being laid the wrong way dancing in my mind. In the evening I got a call from a friend from work with the following information, "We got an e-mail to cancel all appointments on Tuesday because the State may be closing down." WHAT! So, we're free from furloughs as we're 100% funded by federal funds, but since we work in a State office building, well, you get it.

Here's the e-mail:

"The Governor's Office has informed the Department that most state services will be shut down on Tuesday, June 15 if the Legislature does not enact an appropriation bill by midnight, June 14. If that happens, most SED staff will be required to stay home, with certain limited exceptions for individuals serving in positions related to health and safety and direct care.
We are preparing contingency plans right now to address the possibility of a shutdown. We are looking at all agency operations and how we will continue to provide essential services to the public.

We will be communicating with all of you again on Monday, June 14, to provide you with any new information and to let you know how you can find out whether you will be required to come to work on Tuesday, June 15.

These are very difficult and uncertain times for all of us. We will keep you updated with information as soon as it becomes available."

I'm not sure if I'm supposed to repost this but since you don't know my state or my name, even, well what's the harm! I suggested a phone tree (in case of such emergencies as hurricanes and 9/11 and say the government falling apart) at the management team meeting a while back and the royal leader gave this response, I've been here over 25 years and we've never closed for any reason. (Well I've been here for almost 12 years and we've closed for heat, a hurricanes and you got it... 9/11.) And now a phone tree would be most useful on Tuesday, because I'm sure we won't have an answer by 5:00pm on Monday-which, btw I have off, Thank you God!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday Five Working Out

Mompriest posted this thoughtful FF: For this Friday Five let's ponder the various ways we work out (or not), physically, spiritually, and/or psychologically.

1. Do you work out physically, spiritually, or psychologically? (I'll let you define what that might mean to you)
I have gone through periods of working out physically, but I am much more inclined to work out psychologically. It's natural for me.

2. Are you more inclined to join a gym, or a book club?
I belonged to a gym, a really nice one that I attended regularly, until I was promoted to Brooklyn. This year I let my membership lapse. The Palace on the beach has a gym and outdoor pool and the town has a gym and indoor pool." I'm inclined to read books, but haven't found a convenient book club, so I read books and watch TV in a prone position...

3. Are you more inclined to read self-help books like Gail Sheehy's "Passages" or spiritual books like Richard Rohr or Theresa of Avila? And if so, what is your favorite?
I'm more inclined to read contemporary spiritual books like Take this Bread, or Jesus Freak (which I haven't gotten yet) by Sara Miles

4. Are you a loyal fan of a sports team? Or do you join the bandwagon when the local team is winning? And, if so, which one?
I barely join the bandwagon when the local team is winning (the Yankees.)

5. Or do you lean more toward having a favorite theologian/Spiritual writer or self help author and if so, who? And, why.
I buy self help/spiritual books, but no favorite. The liberal ones. I did like Thomas Merton quite a bit years ago.

Bonus: What was the last play-off series you watched and did your team win?
Uh figure skating?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Un Linking

OK, so in a moment of foolish enthusiasm when I first started using FB and had a few close friends there, I linked my blog. But now, when i'm starting to blog more after a dry spot, and blogging about more personal things, I realized that I don't really want my work friends (and my boss/friend who has a limited attention span and feels it necessary to give me feedback on my posts, to seem my blog posts (which she sees on FB.) It seems like going to the actual blog is too much trouble for a lot of people which is a good thing-I think.
I went to the help page and I am successfully unlinked! I took awhile to find the twisty turns that FB makes things. There is no easy undo button, but I found it.