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Friday, January 15, 2010

Friday Five Metaphors

Jan posted this metaphorical Friday Five: "In EFM this week, our question was, "If you were a color, what would you be?" So that's where this Friday Five comes from, at least its jumping off place."

1. If you were a color, what would you be?

I'd be a bright changeable-like the sky- blue. Imagine me your mood ring with all blues and none of those nasty greens.

2. If you were a flower (or plant), what would you be?

I'd be a Peony in the early summer. Bright and showy with a short season. alas.

3. If you were an animal, what kind would you be?

Call me your big floppy dog. A really doggy dog, loyal to a fault with long soft ears. A dog that sighs.

4. If you were a shoe, what type would you be?

A nice flat ambiguous boot. Maybe with a Hunt Top.

5. If you were a typeface, which font would you be?

Why, Times New Roman, Of Course !

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Project: Update- the Co-Op board likes us

Some of the antique equipment that is coming with the co-op
We got our mortgage extension, but just until next Friday. Getting a mortgage these days is really an exercise in frustration! They still want updated financials-which are already in their hot little hands, but they haven't apparently looked at them, yet.
Thursday night, after having been at work from 7:30am, I took the 5:28 from across the street from work to my new (weekend) home fir a 7pm meeting with the co-op board grilling...I mean interview. They were very nice and after a review of the house rules-NO DOGS, sob- they seemed to be happy with up and they accepted our application-as they told us on the phone the next day.
So the next step is to get that mortgage extended for the THIRD time and schedule a closing~I never thought we would get here.
I thank KK for her help and BL and I discussed how we would have never be this far without her help.
Well, that's the latest. Time to start picking out paint colors, appliances, furniture etc.