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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Project: Update- the Co-Op board likes us

Some of the antique equipment that is coming with the co-op
We got our mortgage extension, but just until next Friday. Getting a mortgage these days is really an exercise in frustration! They still want updated financials-which are already in their hot little hands, but they haven't apparently looked at them, yet.
Thursday night, after having been at work from 7:30am, I took the 5:28 from across the street from work to my new (weekend) home fir a 7pm meeting with the co-op board grilling...I mean interview. They were very nice and after a review of the house rules-NO DOGS, sob- they seemed to be happy with up and they accepted our application-as they told us on the phone the next day.
So the next step is to get that mortgage extended for the THIRD time and schedule a closing~I never thought we would get here.
I thank KK for her help and BL and I discussed how we would have never be this far without her help.
Well, that's the latest. Time to start picking out paint colors, appliances, furniture etc.


Pastor said...

Congrats! And have fun decorating!

Mompriest said...

oh YAY!!!! I so happy for you.

Barbara B. said...

Yay, things are rolling along!