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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Gaudete means Rejoice

per Wikipedia "Gaudete Sunday (IPA:/ɡaʊdeɪteɪ ˈsʌndeɪ/) is the third Sunday of Advent in the Christian calendar. It can fall on any date from 11 December to 17 December. The term Gaudete is broadly translated from Latin as Rejoice, a word that appears in the entrance antiphon (introit) of Masses held on this day: Rejoice in the Lord always; again I say, rejoice! The Lord is near. (Catholic Mass years A, B and C).
On Gaudete Sunday rose coloured vestments may be worn instead of violet which is prescribed for every day in the season of Advent. In churches which have an Advent wreath, the rose coloured candle is lit in addition to two of the violet coloured candles which represent the first two Sundays of Advent. During the otherwise penitential season of Advent, the readings on the third Sunday emphasize the joyous anticipation of the Lord's coming.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Friday Five

Can you believe that in two days we'll be halfway through Advent? Gaudete Sunday: pink candle on the advent wreath, rose vestments for those who have them, concerts and pageants in many congregations. Time to rejoice!

Rejoice in the nearness of Christ's coming, yes, but also in the many gifts of the pregnant waiting time when the world (in the northern hemisphere, at least) spins ever deeper into sweet, fertile darkness.

What makes you rejoice about:

1. Waiting? I haden't remebmered Gaudete Sunday for years. All that pink. I'm not one for delayed gratification, although I do seem to build it into my life. Hmmm. Wonder what's that about?

2. Darkness? Ok for when it's time to go to bed which for this week would be about...4:28?

3. Winter? Really, I don't like short days. And I don't like going out after dark in NYC so much in the winter as I do in the summer. Darkness, snow (I walk with a cane and fall). fear of who's behind me. (and I'm a hardened New Yorker.) No, not so much my favorite time

4. Advent? I'm usually too busy with Chanukah, but now that I've joined the Catholic Lesbians Perhaps I'll pay more attention.

5. Jesus' coming? "Hide your hearts girls!" (remember I'm still on painkillers.) and still an agnostic.
I'm back

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Survived So Far

The thing one must remember when going into a hospital is that the nurse is your primary contact and friend (if they are one) If they are good, they are highly underrated! They do jobs that are below their education for still too little pay and actually come around to the side of the bed-which doctors rarely do.

I finaly got sprung from the elegant New York University Hospital yesterday. I arrived on Wednesday the 5th and well I'm still not oriented to time, so I'll have to find a calendar. Our rooms had white boards that were supposed to announce the date, day and name of our nurse and na, but info was rarely changed. It's a really good idea. My fourth night there I woke up trying to figure out whether if was my third of fourth. Passage of time is a lot of what of one has to look forward to. I did have some extremely skilled, smart, compassionate nurses at NYU. I am very grateful. Unfortunately, I had one nurse who I got off on the wrong foot with on my 3rd night-still on morphine. Our bile continued and Sue got involved and at the end I was afraid of being alone this nurse at night. I noticed that the nights she was "my nurse" I had nausea and in one case vomiting, something I had no other nights. I also noticed that she had to be supervised to do a simple procedure-actually one I could have done on myself-having had back surgery a number of years ago. I have a disability and tried to explain this to her, but she infantilized me or treated me as a recalcitrant patient. NYU is affiliated with Rusk Institute, one of the first rehab. hospital in the us named for Dean Rusk. When people with disabilities are not allowed to explain their situation -we are the most educated about our situations-but talked around-well as my mother would have said,"It's a sin and a shame." ( or maybe I'm reading too many medical mysteries?)
Fortunately, I was able to leave before she came back on duty.
Now I'm home sweet home, albeit with a drain to empty and dressings to change, but so what. I'm so glad to be home with the beloved.