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Friday, August 8, 2008

Friday Five

Presbyterian Gal posted "It’s August. An oppressively hot and humid month where many of us live.

I remember the Al Pacino movie though not much about the plot. Just that it was very, very hot. And he had giant sweat stains on his shirt. (ed note: It was "Dog Day Afternoon" and he was robbing something to pay for a sex change for his lover)
As I pass through this year’s dog days in my felon ridden neighborhood (OK, just two housefuls. But isn’t that enough?), I am trying to focus on the blessings apparent around me, past and present, that I might not notice, necessarily. In that spirit, this week’s Friday Five goes thusly:"

1. What is your sweetest summer memory from childhood? Did it involve watermelon or hand cranked ice cream? Or perhaps a teen summer romance. Which stands out for you?
My sweetest summer memories (and saddest) involve the outdoor summers growing up in Ohio. We had a big yard that was my grandparents and where my parents build a house and my aunt and uncle had a house . There were several gardens and an Orchard, an outdoor fireplace to cook and big grape arbor, a giant swing my uncle built, a basketball hoop, a voleyball court, and lots of lawn. We were always outside playing, cooking, eating, picking fruit! It was lovely.

2. Describe your all time favorite piece of summer clothing. The one thing you could put on in the summer that would seem to insure a cooler, more excellent day.
Well, I did wear a two piece Jantzen swim suit from the time I was 16 till I lost the top, around the time I was 35 or so. I loved that navy suit with the swimming girl on the leg and the white piping...

3. What summer food fills your mouth with delight and whose flavor stays happily with you long after eaten?
Corn, watermelon, tomatoes, basil, and ice cream-that was easy.

4. Tell us about the summer vacation or holiday that holds your dearest memory.
Probably a trip to Italy I several years ago, although it took place in March!

5. Have you had any experience(s) this summer that has drawn you closer to God or perhaps shown you His wonder in a new way?
I'm still looking for this. As a child I prayed and prayed, obsessively one might say, that my father would stop drinking and my parents would stop fighting, and my prayers went unanswered. Sigh. Every day, in the subway, I pass people with red baseball caps and red aprons who accost me with flyers, saying prayer works. It always takes me back to the prayers of my childhood.

Bonus question: When it is really hot, humid and uncomfortable, what do you do to refresh and renew body and spirit?
A nice cold shower, followed by a nap. Or a swim in my lovely pool on 42nd St.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Up coming Retreat in the NY,PA,OH and all point near area

2495 Fox Gap Road, Bangor, PA 18013-6028, 610-588-1793 . Fax: 610-588-8510
Sisterly Conversations: For Lesbian, Bisexual, Transwomen and Allies
September 5-7, 2008 Fri 6:30 dinner thru Sun lunch
Program $150 + Room/Board $175
Current Issues for Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transwomen of Faith and our Allies. Sisterly
Coversations 2008 will focus on TRANSCENDING DAMAGE FROM CHURCH, FAMILY, AND SOCIETY. Activities include
• a presentation/small groups on what forgive- ness/transcendence mean and do not mean from a biblical perspective
• panel discussions/smallgroups on
--the role of communities in our healing
--developing relationships that help transcend early damage
--spiritual practices that support sexual and bodily healing
• talent-sharing, partying, dancing, singing together.
• screening of For The Bible Tells Me So, an award-winning film about families of faith who support their GLBT members
Music by Penny Gnesen and Sue Fulton, directors of the famed a capella group OLYMPIA’S DAUGHTERS.
Coordination and worship led by The Rev. Lillian Porter.
Virginia Mollenkott is a transgender lesbian Christian who is also a mother, grandmother,and author of 12 books, including the newly revised and expanded Omnigender (2007) and Sensuous Spirituality (forthcoming, 2008). She has been speaking and/or leading workshops at Kirkridge for over 35 years.
For more information check out her web site at

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

21 years- a lot can happen

Yesterday was my 21st anniversary in a 12 step program. A lot can happen in 21 years. I reviewed it with my therapist who I was seeing 21 years ago and am now seeing again! She helped me to get sober. I lost both of my parents, my mother in the first year, my father in the third. After not working for two years, I went back to work then went back to school to earn my masters degree in counseling. I've had 4 jobs in this field and have been in my present job for almost 10 years. I met my beloved, now wife 17+ years ago. I've been to Italy, Puerto Rico, Canada a number of times, including the Canadian Rockies, all over the US.  I've formed a better relationship with my godchild and my cousins. I'm on my 3rd computer and just got an Iphone.  There's more, but that's all I have time for now, just one more thing. I'm alive.