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Friday, May 22, 2009

Mary Beth posted this Friday Five
"I'm showing my age...this was an anthem of my high school years. Wanna hear it? Give this link a try.

While you're bopping along to that (or perhaps holding your ears...?), let's think about VACATIONS! I certainly am!"

1) What did your family do for vacations when you were a child? Or did you have stay-cations at home?
We usually found a family friendly place within driving distance, though once we went to Niagra Falls, and stayed at a motel with a swimming pool. We usually took my cousin and I got to go on her vacations-we were both only children.

2) Tell us about your favorite vacation ever:
My favorite vacation is usually my most recent and this most recent, a cruise on a Holland America ship chartered by the lesbian company Olivia, was great. 1800 of my closest friends going to the Carribean. Not much sun but lots of fun!

3) What do you do for a one-day or afternoon there a place nearby that you escape to on a Saturday afternoon/other day off?
My health club has a lovely pool and deck on the corner of 42nd St and 9th Ave. in NYC. My getaway.

4) What's your best recommendation for a full-on vacation near you...what would you suggest to someone coming to your area? (Near - may be defined any way you wish!)
It's a longish drive, but I like Cape Cod, Provincetown is nice.

5) What's your DREAM VACATION?
I'd like to take a cruise to Europe on the QE2, then take the Grand Tour of Europe. No money spared!

This is quick and dirty as I'm at work, maybe more later...

Thursday, May 21, 2009