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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Stuff Follow Up

Thanks for all of your support and particularly advice from Teri and Jooli. I have talked to a lawyer who gave me similar advice to that of yours. I kept my head low through the holidays, skipping both holiday parties. (and that's another story.)
Things have been calming down. I still feel, keenly, the loss of my friend. I have processed and processed this with my therapist, God bless her. She feels the friendship if there is ever a chance for healing, is damaged beyond repair.
I'll call her Sheila and I are still not speaking, though before the last management team meeting she did ask "How was your Holiday." And I answered. "Quiet." And I asked back. This was the longest communication we have had. When you have an organization with one person-at this time-at the top of the chart and 4 people (Sheila and me) at the second layer. It's hard to find friends. The other two are two very nice men, one an ultra-orthodox (anti abortion, anti women on the altar) Catholic, the other just a very nice psychologist.
On other fronts we have a vacation coming up, a cruise to the Caribbean at the end of the month, and boy do I need to get away. Hmm, I wonder if they need counselors in Belize...?