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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

No Cabs

Illustration: Yellow taxi parked in front of the shopping mecca, Bloomingdales.

I've been working in Brooklyn for a year now after an adult lifetime a living and working in Manhattan. 
In Manhattan, if you are tired or have a lot of packages to carry or are in a hurry-no forget that-you can flag a cab. This involves standing in the street with your hand out or if the taxi you see is off-duty, you can try to put your hand out with your fingers slightly apart, indicating a few inches, and try to convince them to stop.
I've noticed that there are no cabs in Brooklyn. There are car services and you have to call them. They're twice as expensive as taxis which amounts to about to 30 (including tip) to my home from work. I know this because I took one last week when I was just too tired to take the subway home.
Thank God for the yellow cab.


mompriest said...

yeah. no taxis in the suburbs of Chicago...well...actually you can call one to come, but none that drive up and down the street...and NONE out here that are yellow...they are white.

hope you don't have too many days of feeling real tired at the end of the day...

Barbara B. said...

yes, yellow cabs are a very good thing!