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Friday, May 23, 2008

No Friday Five-What’s a Girl To Do

It’s a Sad Thing.
I went to the RevGalBlogPals page and all of the RevGals are off to some RevGals event-so lots of hits on their sitemeter, but not FF. I’ll make my own, and you’re welcome to play along. So, what shall it be? Hmmm…
I’ve just finished reading “Take This Bread” and been thinking about sharing food as communion. Also it’s almost lunchtime and I’m really hungry.
What five experiences and foods can you identify with communion? I know this is kind of vague, as it is for me, but give it a try.
1. Bread-obviously, as that’s what is used for communion, but not stale pita bread which is commonly used in churches these days-I hate it-but nice warm yeasty bread, or Challah-sweet egg bread used in synagogues with the sweet wine on Shabbos.
2. Lasagna-Think potluck or church supper or a shared meal. Warm and steamy and spicy. With lots of cheese and no meat except maybe some in the sauce.
3. Macaroni and Cheese- I had Stouffers last night and even that was comforting. Another pot luck special, at least in this office when we have International Day
4. Here I’m thinking of all the Christmas cookies my mother made and gave to everyone. Then when I moved to NY, she boxed them up and sent them to me in great quantities, so that I would take them to the office where they were appreciated by all.
5. I’m a little stuck here so I’ll throw in egg salad, the dish of mourning, served when sitting shiva for a loved one who has died and what I’ll will probably have for lunch as I’ve discovered that Starbuck’s makes a pretty good one. The egg’s roundness signifies the continuity of life.


Songbird said...

We certainly meant to have one! And it may still appear later in the day.

Sally said...

:-) love this, I have posted one now as you know!

Mary Beth said...

This is a james dandy! Thanks, I'll try to play your version a little later on! I like it mucho!

Certified Healing Coach said...

OMG, I am hungry now for all those foods you mentioned!

RevAnne said...

Nice, reflective play.... might try this one later on.

RevAnne said...
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