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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Women's Liturgy

I attended a Women's Catholic Liturgy this morning. It touched me deeply and once again made me feel at home in the church of my heritage (and the church where I rarely attend services.) There were about 20 women, mostly nuns-it seemed. The site was a convent of the Sister's of Charity and it was right on Washington Square North in one of those beautiful buildings. I imangined I was Auntie Mame (who lived there for a short period.)

Here is a prayer from the service:

O God, whose name is Love, we stand in the midst of a word that would give you other names, a world that would name you "violence"and "national pride" and "money. Teach us the deep power of the Love which you would have us claim as Yourself. Help us to know this Love and to embrace it so that we may stand as one with all persons and with creation in truth and in Spirit. We ask this in the name of Jesus, who even now show us the Path. Amen.
(if you look to the right of the arch, you can see the building where the service was held. I took the photo last fall from a window in NYU.)

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Jan said...

How nice. Good prayer. Thank you.