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Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Five The Bible (is a Book Written by People)

When I read this Friday Five, I thought, Oh no, because, although I've read the bible, I've not studied it, and it's been a long time. Most recently I've been in closer contact with the Torah or the Old Testament, so... rather than just skip it, I'll show my extreme ignorence

1. What is your earliest memory of encountering a biblical text?
In my 12 years of Catholic School where we mostly learned from text books and the Baltimore Cathechism. (OK, I just remembered. At confirmation, which in my day was quite young, like 2nd grade, we got a missal-In my case a St. Joseph Missal, which had bible readings for the time of year, so I guess that was the Catholic way of parceling out the bible.)

2. What is your favorite biblical translation, and why? (You might have a few for different purposes). No favorite, although we always used the Catholic Bible whichever that was at the time. The Torah used by Congregation Bethe Simchat Torah has seemed awfully nice.

3. What is your favorite book of the Bible? Your favorite verse/passage? Would Ruth be appropriate?

4. Which book of the Bible do you consider, in Luther's famous words about James, to be "an epistle of straw?" Which verse(s) make you want to scream? n/a

5. Inclusive language in biblical translation and liturgical proclamation: for, against, or neutral? Absolutley for it!

Bonus: Back to the Psalms--which one best speaks the prayer of your heart? Not a psalm but a fragment "For whither thou goest, I will go, and where thou dwellest, there I will dwell: thy people are my people, and thy God is my God." which appears in our Ketubah or marriage contract (from my beloved and I.)


Sally said...

Ruth is a wonderful book, and a great choice.... and what great words for a marriage contract- a new idea to me :-)

more cows than people said...

good play.

of course ruth is a good answer.

and "whither thou goest..." fabulous.

i'm so glad you played.

Songbird said...

I love your choice of Ruth, such a great story, one of our Old Testament heroic folk tales. Great play!

revhipchick said...

great play!

ruth is a lovely book.

fabulous blog btw!

revhipchick said...

great play! the book of ruth is wonderful.

fabulous blog btw!

chartreuseova said...

It's great to see answers focused on the Torah. I sometimes neglect the Old Testament.

Mother Laura said...

I think Ruth is an awesome favorite, and that verse from your ketubah is gorgeous.

Thanks also for your earlier post about the misuse of the Bible against LGBT people....

CoG said...

Thanks for playing! Good start!

Jan said...

Nice. Thanks.I need to go find your earlier post "about the misuse of the Bible against LGBT people" that Mother Laura wrote in her comment to you.

Diane said...

yes, I like your choice of Ruth as well.

Anonymous said...

I, too, have always loved that canticle of Ruth. I always envisioned using it in whatever sort of commitment ceremony I would one day have. Imagine my glee when I discovered it worked in the context of my Groovy Sisters too??!

This is the ring that always goes with that imagining. As we do not have a congregational ring, I do believe this will be what I order at vows:
James Avery 'Ruth' ring

Counselor in Process said...

What a beautiful ring!