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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Alive Day Portraits

From Simi Linton
"An exhibit of portraits of the disabled soldiers interviewed for HBO’s Alive Day Memories: Back from Iraq may be coming to a gallery near you.

The portraits - shot by photographer Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, best known for his portriats of artists and other celebrities - capture each soldier featured in Alive Day Memories against a simple black backdrop and are intended to focus on the individual, not the injury.

Greenfield-Sanders’ Alive Day Portraits have been used in HBO adversiting, can be viewed at the Donnell Library across from the Museum of Modern Art, and are scheduled to be shown in November at the Tisch School of the Arts and at exhibitions in Stockholm and Miami.

Additionaly, Alive Day Memories will be screened on November 8th as part of the Tisch Days of Community."

Editors note: The focus I have seen has been on attractibe soldiers who have lost limbs. They don't show the soldiers who have traumatic brain injury, who are in veteran's hospitals or extended care facilities, who can't live in the community because they can't find their way around or find their way home if the have one. I'ts terrible to loose your limb. It's terrible to loose part of your brain.

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Jan said...

Profoundly disturbing in a good way. Thanks.