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Wednesday, September 19, 2007


After my lovely weekend in Florida, I went to work on Monday and around 2:00 I started to feel sick. I had felt tired all day, but my stomach was getting kind of queasy and I had that can't wait till it's 4:00pm feeling-not that I don't have that other days. 4 rolled around and I got on the subway and slowly made my way to Manhattan. The BL had telecommuted that day-that's the life-and was there to greet me home. I said I wasn't feeling well and was going to take a nap. I went to bed. Monday was beautiful in NYC, but I kept getting colder and colder, adding extra clothes and blankets. Hmmm. Fever of 102. Sick. So I took yesterday off, now I'm struggling whether to take today off. I'm feeling a bit better, except I fall asleep whenever I pick up a book or start watching television. Don't have much interest in the computer of food.
Oh, superego, just let me go back to bed!

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