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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Florida cont. Sundowning

I asked my father-in-law's treatment /extended care home owner for a treatment plan. She looked suprised and said "what do you think is wrong with him?"
And that, folks, is what we're dealing with in sunny Florida!
Our days have been spent sitting with dad, eating, trying not to offend Mrs. Dad, and trying to figure our how to improve his lot. It's clear that he is oriented x3, but severly depressed and Mrs. Dad does not want him at home while he had trouble with, well let's say #'s 1 and 2. She may have a dx of OCD.
Everyone (except Mrs. Dad) is flummoxed as to how to handle this and spring the old man from what can best be described as a very depressing Florida home style prison for the elderly.
PS Two home health aide for the six men living there. The first day as we were walking in, we saw them drop one of the men. Ow. Or he could have fallen.

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