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Saturday, May 1, 2010

What's New?

Me and the Little Woman Getting Ready for Work at the Beach Palace

I know I haven't been much posting to my blog lately, I seem to be mired in work and my other full time job, getting the lovely place by the sea renovated.
On the first front:
It's hard to talk about here as I've linked my blog to Facebook and now can't figure out how to unlink. I have be-friended some work friends as well as my boss, who was a personal friend and now is my boss/friend. Yet, many people read Facebook and never bother with the blog. So if you have any tips about how to unlink, I would appreciate. Just a note that work has been difficult for the last 6-8 months and getting worse. A lot of it has to do with the NYS budget. They are now talking about furloughs-days off without pay (just what I need after a major spending spree) and something called "order of selection," which is where we serve only individuals who are the most severely disabled. Which would cut out the garden variety people with substance abuse, depression, learning disabilities etc. Sigh! This is kind of moot to me as I am feeling not so much like the supervising counselor that I am, but much more like an overpaid clerk (and overworked) these days. Enough of that until I am unlinked...
As for the palace by the sea. We have now interviewed 5, count em 5 contractors! Each one more expensive than the last and it is now May 1. We have not hired one. I have started referring to them as numbers. I was referring to them as the mafia guy-no kidding , the drunk, the-well you get my point, but the number system seems better. Just like Dr, House and his 13. Add to this, my beloved has trouble making up her mind and we spent one Saturday (3 hours) in an appliance store while she decides between two kinds of wood-we had done this before. expand this to the spread sheet for refrigerators. Well you get the point.
I'm an introvert and I rely on my every other Mondays off to recharge. Well we've been using those to do house stuff.
Thanks for listening to my whining. I'm sure things will get better at least with the palace by the sea, but for now. things are not looking so great.

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