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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ladies of Olivia

Which is how we are addressed by Tisha the Cruise Director. We are sailig the Western Carribean with Olivia Cruises, originally Olivia Recording Studios, the ones who recorded and distributed Chris Williamson, Meg Christian, Holly Near and wonderful women of the early feminist movement starting in 1975. I remember buying my first Meg Christian album at the Oscar Wilde Memorial Bookstore about 1975 and having a whole world of music addressed to me! It was amazing. Love songs, songs of my fight and struggle. What a time and Olivia recorded it. Last night Meg Christing made a rare appearance to sing again and her voice was pure and true. She is recording again and she sang songs old and new. She brought back memories and she is addressing our lives again. Wow what a feeling to be in an theatre at sea, in a room full of wonderful women listening to this icon speaking to our lives.


Beth said...

Intensely jealous! I've done Western Caribbean twice...and am anxious to go back!

Barbara B. said...

Very cool!!