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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The PROJECT seems to be stalled

My Aunt and her grandchild my godchild.

Alas... the best and final offer seemed to be a ploy to 'jack up the price." The sellers relator came back with another offer expecting another offer to us. Sigh. So for the moment we're sitting on things.
No, not what did I mean? Sitting? We hosted the little family during the last rainy weekend!
We rented a wheelchair and took buses all over NYC with my 91 y/o aunt, cousin Michele and her friend Jonie and godchild Elaine. And at various times Beloved and cousin Janet. It was a traveling carnival. We had a great time, but I learned how difficult it is to navigate NYC in a Wheelchair.

1 comment:

Mompriest said...

In this market they are willing to play roulette with pricing....yuck.

glad you had fun with family.