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Friday, September 4, 2009

Charged Friday Five

Sally posted this bracing Friday Five" A few weeks ago my lap-top battery died, suddenly I found myself looking at a blank screen and was rather relieved to find that it was only the battery and not the whole computer that had failed. This morning a new battery arrived in the post, and suddenly I am mobile again!After a week with what feels like wall to wall meetings, and Synod looming on the horizon for tomorrow I find myself pondering my own need to recharge my batteries. This afternoon Tim and I are setting off to explore the countryside around our new home, I always find that walking in the fresh air away from phones and e-mails recharges me. But that is not the only thing that restores my soul, so do some people, books, pieces of music etc....So I wonder what/ who gives you energy?

1. Is there a person who encourages and uplifts you, whose company you seek when you are feeling low?
My Beloved, or myself.

2. How about a piece of music that either invigorates or relaxes you?
I like the sound of silence...and not the Simon and Garfunkel one...

3. Which book of the Bible do you most readily turn to for refreshment and encouragement? Is there a particular story that brings you hope?
Uh, no.

4. A bracing walk or a cosy fireside?
I'll go for either one based on my mood, but really give me a good book and that fireside

5. Are you feeling refreshed and restored at the moment or in need of recharging, write a prayer or a prayer request to finish this weeks Friday Five....
Actually, this morning, this agnostics subway prayer was "Dear God, please resolve the condo-co-op Project issue soon, hopefully in a positive way, if you see fit and if it seem right to You."
How about that?


angela said...

Here's hoping that condo-co-op will iron out for you. Sometimes a tight fit is not the right fit. Blessings.

Barbara B. said...

A book by the fire DOES sound good! I hope the condo co-op issue works out well for you.

Mompriest said...

that was a very appropriate condo coop resolution prayer. I pray it for you too.

Beth said...

Silence, a book and a fire really would offer refreshment! Here's hoping you get it soon!