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Friday, August 14, 2009

Wild Animal Friday Five

Mompriest who actually has wild animals in her life posted this wild FF "For this Friday Five, share with us a wild animal story from your life. Or if you've never had such an encounter share with us your five favorite animals, and why. Bonus for videos and photos!"
Ok, so I'm at work and I found some great photo's of the three animals that I have found in my apartment, but not often and not recently but I can't post them until later:
1.The millepede. I was reading one day and I glanced up. There was this long, hairy thing walking across the wall right at eye level. I was alone in the apartment, naturally! Which meant I had to cope with it. Beloved and I have this deal, she gets the bugs and I get the 'rodentia.'
So, I rolled a newspaper and snuck up on it and swatted and what I was left with was like grey powder. Strange. It has been alive. I was relieved. I don't like the bugs.
2. The cockroaches. Early on we had a few, but boric acid and that was that. In former, less 'elegant' digs, well they were more of a problem. And coming from Ohio where bugs were strickly outside, it was really shocking! I learned to deal, but was never really comfortable and was always well armed with the latest poisons.
3 The Mice-I've had two or three in the current apartment, but before there were able to get caught in my non-pain-free traps, they moved out. When I had a house in the country, they would come in when the weather was getting cold. One year they got into the flour and left little footprints all over the kitchen.
When I worked for NOW-the Founding Chapter in NYC, the loft space was rife with them. We lost more volunteers that way. I would catch them in wastebaskets and carry them out into the street.
Pictures to come...maybe.


MperiodPress said...

I know it would bother me too, but the idea of mice leaving little floured feet-print all over the kitchen is kind of cute... can just imagine them stamping around, sneezing when it poofed onto their whiskers...

And yes, let's hear it for Ohio bugs that know their place in this world!

Mompriest said...

ahhh - good play!!! Makes me think: Centepedes I leave alone. Roaches I get rid of. Mice I capture and let go outside. I know. I'm totally weird.

angela said...

All three bother me and I don't like to kill anything either. I remember the sensory stuff. It creeps me out to thing they are 50 feet away--a friend told me esp. there are enough mice in the world that is how it is--50 feet away. Yuck. It wakens me at night sometimes--I dream about the darn things. One got it's arm stuck in a trap and I had to call a neighbor to help--I just wanted to free it but feared to look. I'd love to work on not being squeamish. Have a great weekend!

Barbara B. said...

Hmm... maybe we don't need pictures. :)