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Friday, August 21, 2009

The PROJECT Your Final Offer!

Dangling the keys above our hands...

We have been going back and forth with offers and counter offers, advised by a friend who is a corporate lawyer. What she has predicted will happen, has happened almost word for work =0 How do they do this. Play hardball? I have had more Excedrin Migraine, Maalox, Ginger ale and other misc. home remedies for the last two weeks (that have felt like two months.) I am now ready to offer almost anything to get this over with. Fortunately Beloved and I process almost constantly- when awake and when asleep...did I say asleep, did I say fortunately?
Yesterdays offer from them was 20,000 above what we are willing to pay, but with a coda, "But they want your final and best offer and they think that the seller will go for under XXX,XXX." Huh? this is 20,000. less than their last offer,
This is all so confusing.

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