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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Popes Planner

from Religion Dispatches:

1. Pope Benedict wakes up and dons his gold lined robes and red Prada shoes.
2. He goes to 7 am Mass in a private chapel.
3. After Mass, he eats breakfast alone. (by this point in the day, it should be noted, President Barack Obama would already have been briefed by about a billion people on situations ranging from homeland security to the economy.)
4. He meets a few visitors in the morning (you may have heard about his recent five minute meeting with the US Speaker of the House).
5. He eats lunch.
6. Then, the Pope goes to his study for the rest of the day to read and write.

Sounds pretty nice. I'll bet there's a little couch for a nap in that study. Maybe he can take off his robes a put on some comfy clothes!


karlajean said...

the Pope wears red shoes by Prada?

Barbara B. said...

Gee, there wasn't any time scheduled for a ride in the popemobile...

mompriest said...

red. prada. shoes. wow.