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Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday Five-Adoramus Te

Sophia posted this friday five:

1. How will you pray and worship today?
I should be doing the stations of the cross right now, with Pax Christi, across 42nd St. I've done this a number of time. It's a social justice thing with stops at major offenders, companies that do business with nations that use slave labor or other bad things, recruiting stations etc. I got up early enough, but the seder in NJ was so late and long last night...maybe I'll go back to bed. I may go to General across the street or Holy Apostles up the Street. later.

2. Share a powerful memory or memories of Good Friday past.
When I was in 7th and 8th grade at St. Rose School in Girard, Ohio, I sang in the girls choir. We really participated in all the Easter services, and they were still in latin, at least some of them were. It made me feel entitled.

3. How have you grown and experienced God's love during this past Lent?
I haven't. Too personal to talk about.

4. In whom do you see the face of the suffering Christ most clearly?
In the homeless I see on the street everyday and on the faces of the clients that come through my office.

5. Where do you find hope for resurrection?
Still checking...


altar ego said...

Sorry to hear that you are carrying a burden (which is probably euphemistic at best). I hope that grace will find its way through the events of the weekend to shine light your way and lead you through. Prayers and hugs.

Sophia said...

Beautiful video--thank you.

Blessed Pesach and Easter alike to you and your beloved....May they bring consolation, strength, and your heart's desire.

Mary Beth said...

Oh, your #3. Praying for you.

Barbara B. said...

I admire your honesty and authenticity.