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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hasty Pudding Friday Five

Today I'm doing this Friday Five somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle, so if you never hear from me again... Also, when I do spell check, everything is wrong, because the spellchecker is checking for Dutch words. Sign in is Anmelden, Password is Nutzernamei, and keep me signed in is MERKEN (look that one up!)
I also cannot do a cut and paste so as I can remember this is all about puddings:
1. I love, love, love puddings. I have been eating too much of the Holland America Bread Pudding with hard sauce which is not hard, but soft and creamy and served warm. That's what I had for lunch yesterday-all of lunch.
2.Instant or cooked. Cooked of course. On a cold day-when I am alone, as Beloved would not approve, I cook up some Royal Pudding and eat at least one bowl right from the pan, still quite warm. My mother would add an egg yolk and you have to be careful but that really makes it better.
3. Neither. Tried corn pudding and I love corn and pudding but together, yucky. and Figgy? Fuggetaboutit!
4.Fingerpainted with it? Maybe as a very young child. But now I know what to do with pudding.
5 Mary Jane was upset that there were no raisins in her rice pudding. Very upsetting!
Holland America, Olivia Recipe for Bread Pudding to come in the next week if I don't loose it.
The 1800 lesbians of this fabulous ship say hello!


Songbird said...

Keep enjoying yourself!

Barbara B. said...

That's cool you have been able to post from the ship -- and kudos for being able to do it in spite of the Dutch spell checker!

Glad you are having fun. Say hello back to everyone! :)