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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Black Friday

So I ventured out on Black Friday. I had the address' of a few sample sales (not very good.) and a few coupons. BL came with me (for the first part) because I wanted to get her some media player so that she could study her ASL on the run. We went to the HUGE Apple store down 9th ave. from our apt. Busy, busy! We finally found a person in a blue shirt to help us. I seems that the cd she bought at Galudet couldn't be downloaded through ITunes and would need extra software-maybe.  This took quite a long time.(Geek to geek talk.)  And she decided that this was not what she wanted for her birthday, so back to the drawing board.

So that by the time I got to Macy's my coupon had EXPIRED!  YES-It expired at 1:00!  Can you believe it. It was so crowed at Macys that they weren't letting people use the elevators (wheelchairs, strollers and seniors.) I had to beg them (cane.) I got out of there as quickly as possible. I did get a few lovely items at the Metropolitan Museum Store in Macys.
Next year I'm going to do what I usually do on black Friday, go to Work!


Barbara B. said...

Yes, work is MUCH more safe and sane! :)

mompriest said...

wow...nuts. I usually do nothing on the day after Thanksgiving - or at best - go to a movie.

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