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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Who's Kirbyjon Caldwell?

I was recently asked to sign a petition in support of Barak Obama put together by Kirbyjon Caldwell. Who? So I looked around the web and this is what I found.

"Metanoia Ministry
We are pleased to announce the creation of " The Way, The Truth and The Life", a program created to provide Christ Centered instruction for those seeking freedom from homosexuality, lesbianism, prostitution, sex addiction and other habitual sins".

Apparently, Kirbyjon Caldwell who was spiritual adviser to George W. Bush and is the pastor of Houston’s Windsor Village United Methodist Church, and senior pastor of “ex-gay” brainwashing program Metanoia Ministries has announced his endorsement for Barack Obama, and says he plans to campaign for Obama, apparently with the blessings of the Obama campaign: “I have been in contact with the Obama campaign team,” he said. “I will be making visits on his behalf.” The "Metanoia Ministry was a ministry of the Windsor Village United Methodist Church until he was called on it by some gay activists then it "mysteriously" disappeared from the website and the spiritual leader said that there were many ministries in his church and he was "not aware of all of them? 

ed. note This minister came from the business world before he was called and I would call this poor business practice at the least. Or, well breaking one of the commandments? But I'm not casting stones, well maybe I am ;-) I think Obama should vet his ministers a little better before he signs them to speak for him.

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