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Sunday, June 29, 2008

It's Finally LGBT Day, The day of the Parade


(Pictures aren't mine, but taken from flikr)

The night before the official Parade, there's the Dyke March, really more of a demonstration, unlicensed, from Bryant Park-at 42nd St behind the main library-to Washington Square Park-in the Village. Last night we watched and waited at a juice bar at 22nd St-as I can't walk that far- as the sky's opened and the deluge began, stopped and began again. We finally got a phone call from friend and co-worker Mo who said they were stuck?! at 34th St. This quick walk took from 5:00 till almost 7:00PM, when we welcomed our really drenched friends. We walked the rest of the way with them, which was fun, then milled around Washington square park for awhile and went to dinner at a Moroccan Restaurant.


mompriest said...

sounds like a full day and loads of people...I've been to Washington Square Park...a very long time ago (like 26 years ago....)....

Processing Counselor said...

Time to come again. It was different then.