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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Deadly Nightshade

A favorite band of mine from the early 70's. I saw them many times at the Bottom Line in NYC. I think they came out of Smith College. Rumor has it they may be getting back together!

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Pamela Robin Brandt said...

And we did just, indeed, get back together! I (Pam, the Deadlies' bass player) just got back to Miami, where I now live, from Long island and Massachusetts, where Helen and Anne and I played two gigs. It was breathtakingly fun, despite our grueling rehearsal schedule. (Since we hadn't played together in 25 years or so, we practiced five days, for well over an hour each time. The rest of the days we fucked off and caught up.)

Anyway, both gigs were sold out, and we had such a great time we're going to do more.

-- Pamela Robin Brandt