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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bat Mitzvah Journal Part III

Picture is a detail of the ceiling of  Temple Adat Shalom which looks like sails or the inside of a tent and is beautiful.

Well, the blessed event was lovely. The Bat Mitzvah girl did her parsha and more very well. She did her speech with such presence. BL and I looked swell in our new outfits.
The event including Oneg (lunch) took about 6 hours, the nap till the party. The party was festive with lots of food and lots of 13 y/o (adults.) It was held in a lovely restaurant in a government building in DC, so lots of security checks to get in. Some drama with an unruly guest, but I guess that sometimes happens. In all, it was well planned, I think the BMG was very happy.

I'm writing this, as I slipped out of the out of town guests brunch, more eating. I'm overstuffed
and won't be eating much this week! Lots of catching with BL's relatives from out of town. I'm all caught up and kind o shy. So...blogging.

These things are as big as the ordinary wedding-or bigger. I wonder how the parents can afford two such events in a child's lifetime and still save up for college? This is not directed to these particular parents but just a general comment?


Barbara B. said...

I've wondered too about that... The Bar Mitzvah I attended was quite the extravaganza with the food, entertainment, etc. etc.

Glad you had a nice time!

mompriest said...

Took my daughter to several MAJOR Bat Mitzvah's...yes...BIG deal...I don't know how they do it...glad you've had some fun even if you are extroverted-out and need an introverted break

Anonymous said...

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