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Thursday, February 28, 2008

I was published!

I was reading Active, The Magazine of United Spinal Association (I have a SCI.) It's a hidden disability. The only clue is that I carry a stick outside. Well the first letter was addressed to an article I submitted almost a year ago and was published in January 2008. I totally missed the January Issue, can't even find it, BL may have thrown it out ;-( Anyhow US is sending me a couple of copies.
It's online and the original is on the blog under Cauda Equina Syndrome if you want to read it. I published it under the nome de plume Your Friend Flicka as I didn't want my clients/consumers aware of my intimate details.
Here's the link to United Spinal's edited version:’s-tail-or-what-is-cauda-equina-syndrome/


Barbara B. said...

I read it -- wow, you've gone through a lot!

It's a good article and cool you were published...

revhipchick said...

wow! congratulations! you are an amazing woman!