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Monday, November 19, 2007

An earlier chapter of my life found on the web

I was reading another blog and suddenly my past flew before my eyes, a painful chapter, but closed now. Here... you read it.
I play the character of "my lover at that time" and "the same lady."

Karen said, "Today is our 20th anniversary.

This past weekend Stone that Flows was having an open studio/moving sale. The studio is located in Hanff's Boatyard, right across from Brewer's Marina. That marina is quite pivotal in our relationship. It's where we first met.

Lori came to Brewer's to meet my lover at that time and me on our sailboat in the marina. She was dragged along for the visit by the woman I was seeing and her ex-lover and housemate. The visit was quite awkward, and I was glad when they left. That was the summer of '86.

The same lady introduced Lori to our local Conference for Catholic Lesbians group the following spring. I appreciated Lori's sharp mind and good looks, and when I was free I asked her out. The date of our first dinner together was November 14th."

No, you're not blinking when you saw, my lover and the woman I was seeing at the time in the same sentence. Not both the same person, two of us.

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Robin J said...

The stone image you give seems fitting...two separate identies at each end yet they come together in the middle to become one :o)