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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Back to work

I'm returning to work today after a full week home sick with hep A. I'm still easily fatigued. I've done some short forays into the community, on Sunday a walk into the village where I ran into a colleague from another office, Saturday a visit to some bookstores, yesterday a visit with my shrink. All trips started with public transportation, but ended with a cab ride home. Yesterday took me into the Wall St. area and I thought I'd visit a bookstore I like down there, but when I was finished with my apt. I was too tired even to stop for lunch.
Well, today I have a seminar in the morning in Manhattan, then off to work in the pm in Brooklyn where I work. I wonder how I'll do? I don't like this feeling of wearing down and the need to lay down. And the cab fares, oy!
And there's the pile of stuff on my desk...

Side note: As I was looking for an illustration for a cartoon of a woman at a desk on google images, the cartoons that came up all seemed to be men. When I narrowed my search to women, the women all seemed to be secretaries, clerks and with many more black women than had been in the general search. Hmm, google pictures as a microcosm of life.

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