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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tuesday Lectionary Leanings: Sabbath edition

I usually avoid posting on the Tuesday topic as I'm not a professional Rev. (yes, I admit it, It's true, don't hate me.) I minister to the mind and not the soul-and sometimes-like today, I must return my flock to the institution from whence they came, kicking and screaming-not a good day. However, I digress. Sabbath is an issue that has come up in my household of two, one Christian and one Jewish. Saturday and Sunday. Sabbaths.

When we met, we were one agnostic and one atheist, We are now two agnostics, both struggling toward faiths of our own. My beloved, after a particularly impassioned drash by her rabbi and a retreat on this subject (which I attended) decided to keep the Sabbath holy. This was the day that we shopped, walked around our beloved NYC, visited with friends, etc, etc. It basically turned her into a couch potato on the phone to relatives for the whole of Saturdays.

I have always have observed the Sabbath as was the custom in my home growing up. Of course the whole of North America is conditioned to observe the Sabbath. Especially in the 50's and 60's in Ohio. Blue laws, no shopping. Both parents off. Church in the morning then midday dinner and a nap. My pre school than work anxiety carried me into inactivety in the afternoon to evening and that was the day. Not much has changed for me. But adjusting for BL has been an adjustment. Going to the Strand-my favorite used bookstore alone-then a single lunch. Must get out of the house-good for my mental health. It was really the only day we had the full day together. We had a talk about it. I guess I may have gotten my way more than she. I'll have to apologize.

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