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Thursday, August 16, 2007

I Call My Boss Daddy

courtesy of Reuters:

"I call my boss ‘Mommy’
August 10th, 2007, filed by Robert MacMillan

We were struck by the survey of 2,000 executives in BusinessWeek’s
latest double edition featuring a 55-page spread (including ads) about
the future of work.

The survey yielded some intriguing insights into the human condition
while chained to the cubicle:

- Men and women, when answering what scares them most, picked China
(46%). That’s right. The whole country. Runners-up for both genders
were “Wall Street”(35%), “My spouse”(5%), “My boss”(7%) and
“My computer”(7%). At least they know their ways around computers.

- 90 percent of managers think they’re among the top 10 percent of
performers in their workplace.

- The places where people want to work, in descending order, are “The
place I’m working now,” “Google,” “the government” and
“Goldman Sachs.” In other words, the survey revealed that the
least popular option was the one with the quickest path toward becoming
a millionaire.

- More than 25 percent of workers aged 55 and up said they expect never
to retire. We know the feeling.

- And our favorite: 6 percent of respondents under age 30 said
they’ve accidentally called their boss “Mom” or “Dad.”

We also know that feeling."

I'm kind of afraid of China, too, although I really like Chinese food. I'd really like to work for Google, but I work for state government- oh well... And I would never call my boss daddy!

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