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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Is there life after death

And is this important to me? And what would this look like? I just met my beloved 16 years ago. It seems sad to see her no more at the end of life. And what about my parents? And friends? And family...that is the ones I want to see. These are questions I have yet to answer for myself because, of course no-one really knows. In Catholic School we were assured that if we followed all the rules-which seem to be changing rapidly and followed differently by different Catholics- that we would live forever in the sight of God after a nominal period time in Purgatory which seemed like a pretty bad place in itself. Well, in the eyes of the Holy Roman See, I've commited so many crimes... I mean sins, that I should be deep into the hot place. Yet once a month I get together with like minded Catholic women-of varying degrees of Catholicity-to discuss and pray. I do meaningful work. I try to treat people as I would want to be treated. I feel like a pretty good person, although deeply flawed.
So, what would heaven look like. Would they have their own internet. It would probable be done without a keyboard, just using your mind. Probably wouldn't have fingers either. Would there be chocolate or books? Would we be reunited with everyone even that boy that was mean to me in the high shool cafeteria? And those nuns in HS that I suspect suspected that I was flirting with another girl-I didn't even have a word for it at that time, but apparently she had a reputation. Had I but known!

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Anonymous said...

Without a heaven, this earthly life would lose a lot of meaning for me. As to what it will be like, I hope we'll find out :)

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