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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

You can't get there from here

We went to Lincoln Center to see the Ballet Sleeping Beauty this Sunday. It was the first ballet in a series I gave to my partner as a birthday gift. Sleeping Beauty is the traditional story of a woman who has a curse place upon her at her christening by an aunt- because she wasn't invited. These family squabbles never end but at least your aunt/mother-in/law, sister/in/law isn't a sorceress!) Well, indeed at her 16th birthday, she get's pricked by the spindle/gift and falls asleep for a hundred years (along with the rest of the castle community.) One hundred years the charming prince comes along and wakes her up.
There were at least two hundred little girls in the audience dressed in pink. These girls were extremly well behaved and the 6y/o next to me was transfixed for 2 1/2 hours.
After, we tried to go to Rosa Mexicana, a V nice mexican restaurant in the neignborhood. We had a short wait for our table, so we asked to use the restroom. I walk with a cane and have difficulty with stairs. This new and beautiful restaurant is not accesible. To reach the restroom, you leave the restaurant, walk down the block and around the corner and down that block, enter an entirely different building and take an elevator to the second floor where you enter the restaurant, go past the kitchen and enter a crowed restroon without wheelchair access. We took the stairs down and cancelled our reservation assuming that if we were seated we would have to go through the same thing and God forbid we should have to use the restroom during our meal. This restaurant was opened after the ADA was passed ( I think.) I was irked

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