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Monday, January 22, 2007

My New Battery

I purchased my shiny, beautiful, 15" Mac Powerbook about 1 1/2 years ago and have been living on the edge since the announcement that the batteries of a number- a very large number- of batteries were being recalled. Was one of them mine. I would check the website when I had of these days. Maybe when Sue had time. Well, Sue doesn't like computers and if I waited for her to help me, I would be waiting forever and I'm the one who fixes things. Actually, I like to fix things. And this- in the end- was really quite simple. But, I just couldn't get to it. I put the laptop on my lap and it would get warm, no hot, then really hot. Lately, I was putting a pillow on my lap. Then I noticed a smell, the kind that an iron makes when you put it on cotton. Hmm... a multi-multi-multi tasking Mac.Icould use it to iron, if I ironed. Maybe it was time. I really noticed the difference when I missed House and watched the episode on my computer and apparently watching TV makes my computer hot. Or was it Youtube? Well, the battery arrived today. I have to discharge the old battery which shouldn't take long. Then I can charge my new battery.

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