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Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Five-The Season You're In

Kathrynzj posted this thoughtful FF:
"Headquarters for me is the northeast of the United States. Here school is getting back in session, the tease of autumn is in the air (or the hope for the tease of autumn is in the air) and church life is gearing up to full throttle.

One thing I've learned with blogging and social media is that the where I live is not necessarily where you live. And so I want to know what September means to you, in your place of the world and time in your life.
This week's Friday Five is:

What are 5 things that the beginning of September mean to you?"

1. As a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor working for State Rehab., we help individuals with disabilities to go to work, go back to work, find different work after acquiring a disability, or in the case of young adults born with disabilities, after graduation from HS (the short form of what we do) it means all the minutia of college plans. We've been working on them for months, but now it's where is my book voucher? will I get carfare? etc.

2. Even though summer in NY isn't always pleasant, smelly, humid and all that, it means the end of sandals and I love them! I stretch that season as far as it will go!

3. Ditto for heavy clothes. Wish I could give them all to Goodwill. (Which is a very good Rehabilitation agency btw and you should donate to them instead of the Salvation Army which is very Homophobic!)

4. This is the long slippery slide into winter, which I really don't like much. I grew up with lake effect show and after snow days were no longer an issue, snow just became a big problem. NY is much better than my home state, well until last year.

5. So in summary, you can see why Beloved and I have our cruise planned for the end of January!

Bonus: What's one thing you could do without?

Whooops! I may have already done this :-(


Songbird said...

Thinking of a different cruise the end of January is helping me keep my head above September. :-)

Auntie Knickers said...

Ayuh, we both donate to and buy from Goodwill regularly! Good play, and I hope you don't get snowed on quite so much this year.

kathrynzj said...

I'm loving the January plans, and thanks for the tip on Goodwill!

Thanks for playing!

Joolie said...

Totally agree about the sandals, I'm almost ashamed of how many pair of Birkenstocks I own. I extend their season by wearing them with socks, which I'm sure PeaceBang would not approve of! Thanks for the heads-up on Salvation Army.

Jan said...

So glad you have the cruise to look forward to! I like sandals a lot, so I wear them all year round, which I could not do in NY, though you at least have seasons there.

Wendy said...

I'm another year-round sandals person (sometimes with socks). Have a splendid cruise!

Beth said...

Sandals! YES! I discovered Birkenstocks after being diagnosed with plantar fasciitis...wish I could live in them in the winter. Sadly, while you may have escaped lake-effect snow, God has not given me that gift and it will be snow-boot season sooner than I'd like.

And I'm jealous of your end of January cruise. That's the PERFECT time to escape NY (or PA, where I live).

Mavis said...

Down under I have just started wearing jandals (aka thongs/ flipflops etc) Guess I'm stretching the summer season at the other end :-)

Cathy said...

Yes, I think I could learn to live without winter if that were an option!