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Friday, August 19, 2011

Friday Five Road Trips

Jan Gives us this Friday Five:
Tell us about five road trips--in your childhood, in your family, in your recent past, with friends, and/or hoped-for-places-to-drive-to. Don't forget the one that stands out as the BEST or as the worsttime.
1. All of our vacations as children were road trips, even the one to Niagra Falls, from Ohio to Canada with the Grandparents. Usually my parents and me, and my cousin-as we both were only children and got to go on each others vacations. They usually involved driving to some not too far interesting site, staying at a motel with a pool, and eating in lots of restaurants.
2. The most interesting road trip Beloved and I took involved flying to the Canadian Rockies, taking a train with a glass top to...somewhere in the Canadian Rockies, then driving around the Rockies with stops in Lake Louise, Banf and Jasper. We stayed at resorts build by the railroad. Wonderful and beautiful.
3. Three years ago Beloved and Godchild and I drove back to the hometown to celebrate Aunt Julies 90th. It was a sentimental journey along interstate 80, eating at truckstops. It only took about 9 hours, but I have done it many times and Godchild never. It was fun.


Jan said...

I remember those trains with glass tops--how beautiful and fun! So glad you, Beloved and godchild went together to visit Aunt Julies. Memories to remember !

Sharon said...

The Canadian trip sounds wonderful! I didn't know there were (are?) trains with glass tops. I am going to add Canada to the itinerary of my fantasy road trip!

Auntie Knickers said...

I too am a bit envious of the glass-topped train....

Purple said...

Canada has been on my list for quite some time.