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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


You may or may not know that I have been in a Lesbian Care Givers and Partners Group since Beloved was diagnosed with breast cancer, now thankfully in remission.
I got the news that one of my group members partner died this weekend. It was a shock. She did not die of cancer. She died of a reaction to the chemotherapy. It happened a while ago and they said she was going to die then. Her lungs developed some inability to be flexible. But she was getting better and she was in rehab. Then she had a pulmonary embolism and died. Her partner has to move out of their home as it belonged to one who died and the mother is taking it. (no will)
Pray for gay marriage.
See her blog.


Cecilia said...

Oh God. So sad, I'm so sorry Joanna. Prayers all around.

Mary Beth said...

oh my God.

Praying for her. and for gay marriage.

Beth said...

OH, no. I'm so sorry. Hugs and prayers to you and to your beloved.

Joolie said...

I have no words for how hard this sucks. Prayers for your friend and her future, her mourning and her living.