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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Turkey and Athens

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Beloved and I recently went on a wonderful trip to (see above.) We traveled with Olivia, a feminist travel company that started as a recording company for Chris Williamson and Meg Christian and many others in the very early 70's and them morphed into a 'concert at sea' and then into a travel company for women. This was our 4th trip with them and our first 'not in the winter and our first out of the general US/Caribbean area.'
We flew to Istanbul-doesn't that sound exotic-it was-then toured around for a few days. We saw the Hagia Sophia, a place I only studied in Art History in the earlier 70's, then boarded the Azimara, Journey for 7 days at sea with stops at various islands including Mykonos, and places that are slipping my mind at this early hour.
The plan was to stay for an extra week in Athens. We signed on for the after tour which included the Parthenon which was no climb for sissies, but there was an elevator for individuals with handicaps-me, but getting to it. I saw one woman in a wheelchair with two people pushing her, wow! She did get there...eventually. It was amazing.
Unfortunately, then dysentery struck and the week we planned for Athens, I spent in the Hilton, feet away from the WC. I'm still recovering. Why I didn't demand a doctor is a story for another day. When I finally got back to the US, two days on Cipro and it stopped, but by then I was so dehydrated and weak that I still have to watch what I eat and tire easily.
Despite this, it was a wonderful trip and I give great kudos to the women of Olivia Cruises for making travel easy and fun. They are a wonderful company and their staff are the best. I hope to travel with them many more times


Mompriest said...

sounds like a fabulous trip - except for the sickness....

Muthah+ said...

Glad you are feeling better. I have had similar experiences when I have traveled. Always ask the hotel for a dr. It saves the trip.