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Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Five Traveling

Songbird posted this Friday Five: Trains, Planes and Automobiles

By the time you're reading this, I'll be en route to a Great Big City to see my son in a play. I'll go by car and bus and train and no doubt cab and maybe even subway. Thus, our Friday Five:

1) What was the mode of transit for your last trip?
My last vacation was for my birthday and involved an automobile and a ferry. It was a good combination as the ferry-Cape Mays, came near the end of the journey as we got weary of driving and was scenic and had snacks and a bathroom!

2) Have you ever traveled by train?
Oh yes we did and overnight and in one of those scenic ones with a glass top-in the Canadian Rockies. Liked the glass top. Not fond of the overnight as the train always seems to rock the wrong way-foot to head, not side to side.

3) Do you live in a place with public transit, and if so, do you use it?
Every day, subway and often cabs.

4) What's the most unusual vehicle in which you've ever traveled?
Hmmm, I fly without vehicle in my dreams.

5) What's the next trip you're planning to take?
We'll be taking a cruise with 16,000 of our closest (lesbian) friends on Olivia Cruises to Mexico and Belize at the end of February. Can't wait!


Songbird said...

Wow! 16000? Sounds like great fun!

Sally said...

How cool, a glass topped bus!

angela said...

i had wondered about those overnight trains. that vibration just doesn't leave after you've been on the train a while.

intriguing cruise. hope you'll be posting about it. i'm reluctant to consider one at all.

Purple said...

Ferry's...very cool.

altar ego said...

I love ferries! Your cruise sounds cool. Enjoy!

Mrs. M said...

The upcoming cruise sounds great, and the glass top in the train sounds really beautiful.

Mary Beth said...

I've been in a glass bottom boat and a glass top train! I'd forgotten about those!

have fun on the cruise!!

Mompriest said...

Doing the cruise again this year - good for you!