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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Inauguration Brought to You by the NYSED

We got an e-mail from the home office-that would be Albany-saying that several TV's would be set up to view the Albany! So I e-mailed my boss to see if I could go with my unit.  He said no. Albany is about a two+ hour train ride, I was just kidding.

The boss and a geek set up a computer with a projector. Due to Internet overload it was stream, stop, stream, reboot. I had my sandwich, so I found it kind of relaxing sitting in the dark. I was chatting with my friend. When Rick Warren was announced, we had a screen freeze, so we didn't even have to see his face, no stomach acid! By the time we were back up, he was gone, Thanks be to God. 

We did get to see President Obama take the oath of office. It was lovely. I was hopeful. 


Barbara B. said...

Hooray for the screen freezing at the right time! :)

karlajean said...

Yes, I agree. Hopeful. I watched the whole thing. Still soaking it all in.