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Friday, January 2, 2009

Friday Five Remembering 2008 Looking forward to 2009

Sally posted this Friday Five:
Actually, It turns out it's a Friday Ten, thanks Sally!
First list five things that you remember/ treasure from 2008
1. Starting in January, surviving Pancreatitis and Surgery.
2.Returning to my new job in February-after 3 months-to find I was still welcome and had passed probation.
3. Traveling to Toronto in May to marry my Beloved-tired of waiting for New York to allow marriage for the gays.
4.. Celebrated my aunt's 90th birthday with a grand party!
5. Started looking for a house/condo for weekends and sometimes during the week-on Long Island.

Then list five things that you are looking forward to in 2009
1. Not sure if I'm exactly looking forward to this, exactly, but turning 60 on July 25th.
2. Planning a cruise to the Caribbean in early March.
3. Continuing my church search while still attending my Catholic Lesbian Group at Saint Francis Xavier Church and sometimes attending services.
4. Planning some swell vacation for my birthday this summer
4. Looking forward to the unknown pleasures of the coming year.
I think a big birthday like this should be celebrated all year, don't you?


Rev Honey said...

Congratulations and much joy to you in your marriage. I will pray for your search for a faith community.

I too am looking toward a major birthday - beginning my 50th year in March. I plan to celebrate for a whole year!

Blessings to you+

karlajean said...

Definitely you should celebrate the big 60 with as much pomp and circumstance and birthday cake as you want, ALL YEAR!
Congrats on your marriage...and my prayer is that in our lifetime we will see marriage equality for all.
What kind of vacation plans are you thinking of for your birthday? Sounds like you have got a little already planned!

mompriest said...

A year in celebrating is indeed in order! Many blessings and prayers for you!

RevAnne said...

I definitely think a year-long party is in order--you have much to celebrate!

RevDrKate said...

Celebrate yourself in style by all means!

Barbara B. said...

I am in total agreement -- celebrate the WHOLE year! :)