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Friday, December 12, 2008

Windows of the Soul

(See above. This is the range of colors that appear in my eyes.)

Sophia posted this "This Friday Five is inspired by my husband's Lasik surgery yesterday....He'd been contemplating it for a while and was pushed over the edge by the fact that we put too much money in our healthcare spending account this year and it would have been gone anyway. (There was only enough for one eye, but the kind people at the eye clinic figured out a way to divvy up the charges between surgery and followup in January=next year's spending account). So please say a little prayer for his safe recovery and share with us your thoughts on eyes and vision."

1. What color are your beautiful eyes? Did you inherit them from or pass them on to anyone in your family? 
My fathers eyes were blue and my mothers brown. Make of that what you will. I'm a mutt!

2. What color eyes would you choose if you could change them?
I think I would go a little more green. I range toward the light side already and my eyes are RED in every photo!

3. Do you wear glasses or contacts? What kind? Like 'em or hate 'em?
At this advanced age I wear glasses for distance (I should have been wearing them all along, but I keep managing to pass the drivers license test! And can't get used to them, Barbara!) And I wear glasses for reading, also when I think of it.

4. Ever had, or contemplated, laser surgery? Happy with the results?
NO-stay away from my eyes.

5. Do you like to look people in the eye, or are you more eye-shy?
Yes, as a counselor, I must.

Bonus question: Warning Do not View if you do not want to watch intimacy between two adults, some R rated content From the L Word Betty Davis Eyes. I think it's very nice! Oy, my first Adult FF, Sigh...


Purple said...

I surgury for my eyes unless medically needed. My eyes are quite sensitive...even putting drops in is a challenge.

Sophia said...

Gorgeous video, thanks! (Though the music distracted DD from her hot cereal, she came to check it out, and I ended up shutting it off in the middle!)

And she just read this out loud, with copious giggles....

Anonymous said...

great old computer isn't letting me view your video--bummer! maybe i can take a peek when i get to work! peace

RevAnne said...

Great play. I understand about no surgery--gives me the willies, even though I think about it a lot.

mompriest said...

yes, it closed on me too...anyway, good play!

jadedjabber said...

Thanks for stopping by. I'm not new to RevGals, though I haven't really been active in a while. Currently living in the Northeast.

Barbara B. said...

I think I might need to recheck your prescription. Seriously! :)