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Friday, November 7, 2008

Funny Papers Friday Five

Presbyterian Gal posted this funny FF: "After an exhausting election here in the states it's time for some spirit lifting! Join me with a nice cup of tea or coffee or cocoa and let's sit back and read the Funny Papers!"

1. What was your favorite comic strip as a child?
I liked a lot of them and they changed as my age changed. I remember Lulu, Nancy and Slugo, Dondie (refuge child from WWII adopted by a rich man, yet constantly getting into dangerous situations.) I also bought comic books, the superman series in particular.

2. Which comic strip today most consistently tickles your funny bone? Dilbert! I tell Beloved she's the woman with the triangle hair.

3. Which Peanuts character is closest to being you?
Probably Peppermint Patty or Marcie who I know are more than just 'best friends." Charlie Brown is Marcie's 'beard.'

4. Some say that comic strips have replaced philosophy as a paying job, so to speak. Does this ring true with you?
Have your read Dilbert?

5. What do you think the appeal is for the really long running comic strips like Blondie, Family Circus, Dennis the Menace as some examples?
These are not my favorites-actually I never see them these days as the Times doesn't have a comic section-so I'm not sure. (I read the funnies in other people's Daily News or New York Post, but OF COURSE I would never buy those papers! Cough, Cough! Ahem.

Bonus question: Which discontinued comic strip would you like to see back in print?
The Far Side by Gary Larsen. I really miss it!


Presbyterian Gal said...

I always wondered about Peppermint Patty and Marcie! And I love Dilbert too. So true with office politics.

Perhaps Gary Larson will read all our comments and be inspired to return to the pen and ink.

Barbara B. said...

They made reference to the relationship between Peppermint Patty and Marcie in the play Offpsring #1 was in (Dog Sees God -- about the Charlie Brown characters as teens). :)

I had forgotten about some of those older strips -- Nancy & Slugo, Dondie, etc. You've got a great memory!

Muthah+ said...

How many of us queer girls loved Peppermint Patty! She gave me hope!

Mavis said...

Great for me to learn the names of some 'new' childhood comic strips as well. Thanks!

Auntie Knickers said...

My understanding is that there was more than one corporate workplace that banned the posting of Dilbert cartoons in one's cubicle!! If that's not a testimonial I don't know what is.
I forgot to mention in mine that I also read Li'l Abner and Dick Tracy.

Roe said...

WOW Dondi, I forgot all about that kid...where is he now? I just had to comment on this post, I LOVE the comics, on my 50th birthday, (which by the way is one day off the 50th birthday of the Peanuts Comic Strip) I got a tattoo of my all time favorite comic character, Broome Hilda...anyone remmeber her?