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Saturday, September 20, 2008


I just spent Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at NYSRA the New York State Rehabilitation Association Leadership Summit in Albany, NY. I confess, my primary motivation was to get continuing education hours to renew my certification-100 hrs every 5 years. But this was one of the best conferences I have ever attended.
I got some very frightening information on how the Armed Services and the VA are treating PTSD and other injuries. They 'send the soldier for a little r&r' and then back into battle with the intention that the the PTSD will 'go away.' They medicate soldiers while they are in battle with very serious psychotropic medications, so that by the time they actually get to the VA for treatment, they have two problems, PTSD and addiction to prescription medications. Then real and complicated treatment begins for those vets who actually make it into the VA and aren't just medicating themselves with alcohol and more drugs.
I also heard a speaker, William Stillman
, a man with Aspergers syndrome who works as an advocate for individuals with Aspergers and Autism. He is the author of a number of books and made a lot of sense when it comes to the treatment of these individuals. 
I attended a session on the treatment of young people with complex trauma. Wow, so interesting yet so sad.
I met with old friend and made new friends. All in all worth way more than those ceu's!


Pondering the Word said...

I love a good conference....sounds like this one really was! PTSD is so complex, sad when it is not treated well...(and the military should know better!)

Barbara B. said...

Sounds like an excellent conference!!

Processing Counselor said...

Yea, they DO know better, but they have their priorities...