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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Where's Waldo-uh Joanna

I'm in Albany, NY.
I spent the past weekend at home entertaining my 89, soon to be 90 y/o aunt and my cousin the CSI from Columbus, OH. It was a lot of fun, visiting and sharing memories. Unfortunately we didn't spend much time touring the city due to the high heat, but did manage to see one off broadway play-Add1ng Mach1ne, which was billed as the best new musical of 2008. I guess 2008 is still young.
I'm in Albany for computer training. It's really a chance to catch up with friends that I've worked with who have moved to other offices. New York is a big state. The training is, well some of it is interesting, but some of it is stuff I already know. I'm not sure what I was expecting.
Update on my church search: Because my family was here, I attended St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church in NYC. I go to their Lesbian Women's Group and march in the Gay Pride Parade with them. It was a shockingly pleasant experience for me. The priest spoke from the pulpit against the two page advertisement condemning gay marriage. It was in the the NY Times (by Catholic organizations)
Gotta go get my stuff together to train at the state ed. building, a very beautiful (inside) building!


Barbara B. said...

How was the off Broadway play? (My daughter especially will want to know!)

That's cool that the priest spoke out against the stupid ad!

Auntie Knickers said...

Well, God bless that priest!