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Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Home Town!

While looking around You Tube I stumbled upon an advertisement for "Girard, the heart of the valley." I guess they mean the Mahoning Valley of Ohio-named after the Mahoning River which became so polluted that rumors circulated that if you fell into it, well, life would be very short. There were also rumors of it catching fire, but I was not able to confirm this. This was all is in the Ohio valley area. The town is tiny. When I grew up it was nice with two movie theatres, a couple of clothing stores, a five and dime, a candy store (which also sold ice cream and which was great to go to for a sundae after the movies.) a couple of pizza parlours (large Italian pop.) If you look carefully, although there were a number of churches in the area, the video shows only St. Rose, the church where I was baptised and where I attended and attended school from 1-8. Also, you'll see the high school which was on my street, but because I was so brainwashed, I chose to ride a bus for 45 minutes twice a day to attend the Catholic H.S. I'm not bitter. Actually I had some nice times in Girard, Oh. It was very pretty where I lived, and when you got into the surrounding countryside-which was very close, quite beautiful. Actually I was able to appreciate it best after my parents passed away. Does this sound strange. We're having a 90th birthday party there for my aunt this August and I hope to take BL to the landmarks of my youth. I made the border of the video the color of the sky at night from the blast furnaces of the steel mills. The sky was always red at night, then.

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